How to Prevent Fires from Smoking Materials

How to Avoid the Number One Cause Of Home Fire Deaths
Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air Offers Safety Tips as a Part of National Fire Safety Month

SAN JOSE, Oct. 15th, 2020 – October is National Fire Safety Month, and Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air is celebrating it by providing a series of safety tips that homeowners should know. This is the fourth of five releases with helpful information, and it discusses an important topic: eliminating home fires due cigarettes, cigars, or other smoking related materials.

According to the Home Safety Council, the leading cause of deaths is smoking materials.

“Lit smoking materials can ignite just about anything in a moment’s notice if left unattended. And people should always be careful when discarding of a cigarette, for example. Ashes may still be hot when they appear to be extinguished. If thrown into a trashcan too soon, you could easily have a home fire,” Raymond Porras, Field Advisor of Pacific Coast Electric Heating & Air, said.

Here are some safety tips all smokers should know:
• If someone smokes in the home, have a large, deep, flat-bottomed ashtray on hand.
• When the ashtray is full, douse the butts with water before dumping it in the trash.
• Keep all smoking materials out of the reach of children.
• Never, in any instance, smoke while lying in the bed.

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