Read on to find out about the latest news, updates, and information about electrical services in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Rewiring Your Home
    Your home in the Bay Area will contain either one of or a mixture of the following wire type; Each wire type had […]
  • National Electrical Safety Month
    MAY IS NATIONAL ELECTRICAL SAFETY MONTH! According to a recent NFPA report, during 2011-2015 electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in the […]
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
    Protecting Families from the “Silent Killer” In May 2010, an important public safety measure was signed in to a law requiring all California […]
  • Panel Upgrade : Do I need one?
    What is the electrical panel? The electrical panel is the core of your electrical system. This is where your home receives electricity from […]
  • Benefits of LED Lighting
    Lifetime As solid-state light sources, LEDs have very long lifetimes and are generally very robust. While incandescent bulbs may have an expected lifetime […]
  • The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring
    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated two million homes in the United States are built or renovated using electrical circuits […]
  • QuietCool Whole House Fan
    What is a whole house fan? A whole house fan is an exhaust system  venting into a home or building’s attic, designed to […]
  • What causes electrical fires?
    Three elements must be present in order for a fire to  start; oxygen, fuel and heat. Not only do these elements have to […]
  • The Importance of Surge Protection
    What is surge? What is transient voltage surge? Surge and Transient Voltage Surge are temporary rise in voltage and current on an electrical […]