Read on to find out about the latest news, updates, and information about electrical services in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Smoke Alarm Safety
    Sixty-Two Percent of Home Fire Deaths Are Due to Families Not Having Smoke Detectors or Having Smoke Detectors That No Longer Work: Pacific […]
  • 11 Signs To Look Out For When Deciding To Rewire Your Home
    Here are 11 signs to look out for when deciding to rewire your home! 1) Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers2) Over-amped or […]
  • Rewiring Your Home
    Your home in the Bay Area will contain either one of or a mixture of the following wire type; Each wire type had […]
  • National Electrical Safety Month
    MAY IS NATIONAL ELECTRICAL SAFETY MONTH! According to a recent NFPA report, during 2011-2015 electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in the […]
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
    Protecting Families from the “Silent Killer” In May 2010, an important public safety measure was signed in to a law requiring all California […]
  • Panel Upgrade : Do I need one?
    What is the electrical panel? The electrical panel is the core of your electrical system. This is where your home receives electricity from […]
  • Benefits of LED Lighting
    Lifetime As solid-state light sources, LEDs have very long lifetimes and are generally very robust. While incandescent bulbs may have an expected lifetime […]
  • The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring
    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated two million homes in the United States are built or renovated using electrical circuits […]
  • QuietCool Whole House Fan
    What is a whole house fan? A whole house fan is an exhaust system  venting into a home or building’s attic, designed to […]